Hollow Bones
An investigation into the cliché and the unnoticed characteristics shared between birds and women.

As I was working on the 101 Birds project, I kept getting comments about how girls like to draw birds and girls love everything to do with birds. I was already familiar with many stereotypes associated with women and birds, but was intrigued by peoples comments to look for more and for associations that were beneath the surface. I did not try to force the work into one direction or one style. As different ideas presented themselves, they took form in new ways. These pieces were displayed with work exploring the same subject by Michelle Montrose Larson and Lisie Brundage. The show, Hollow Bones, was strange and exciting to see once it opened because none of us had consulted with each other about how we were making our work or what it looked like. The relationships between all the artwork unfolded better than we could have planned.