This body of work evolved through an analysis of the physical and psychological stress of living in a society propelled by hedonic eating, eating for pleasure rather than survival. With food so accessible and abundant, we are continuously tempted and haunted by it, locked in a cycle of desire, satiation and discontent.


Feeding the Hedonic Ghost
MFA Thesis Exhibition: May 23 - 28, 2016
Alvin Gittins Gallery, University of Utah


Inside the vending machine:
Within Memory Bank: Inaccessibly Accessible, there were 50 small paintings ranging in dimension between 5" x 5" to
12" x 12". There were also 30 fake paintings, blank squares of masonite, among the real paintings. Each person waiting in line could make only one purchase. If you looked closely, you would've seen faint halos of color behind the white packaging, revealing the real paintings. However, several of the real paintings were also packaged backwards and appeared to be fakes. Once someone made a purchase, they were either satisfied or significantly dissatisfied, even to the point of screaming as one visitor did.

If you think you can see repeats, look closely, each painting is unique even if it has a close twin.


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